Taking The Snow Dogs To The Tampa RV Show

August 2, 2023

Taking The Snow Dogs To The Tampa RV Show

Have you ever been to an RV show?

If not, I highly recommend you go to one! We were first timers at the Tampa RV show this year, and what an amazing show it was! It was exciting and almost overwhelming, with hundreds of RVs on display from vendors from all over the country, there was so much to see and do! Of course, we were there for the Jayco booth! 

We spent 3 days at the show, and two of those days we did meet and greets with our dogs at the Jayco booth.


The first day we took our time and walked through many of the Jayco rigs. One of the really nice things about RV shows, is that there is a huge range of units you can walk through, from Class A’s, Class B’s, Class C’s, Super C’s, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers… well, you get the idea!

If you are new to the RV world, or looking to switch up your current rig, going to a show and walking through all the different options can really help you decide what works for you!

Personally, I feel I’ve fallen in love with the Jayco Greyhawk 27U. Maybe someday when we upgrade our Redhawk 26XD, that will be the rig! I was also really impressed call of the Class A’s we walked through, but I am not sure we are ready for those yet!

DAYS 2 & 3

It was time for us to get to work! As Ambassadors and members of the Ascend Community, we were specifically invited to this awesome event and were given the opportunity to do a ‘meet-and-greet’. It was amazing to meet the great people who have followed our social sites, for many years and to see how excited they were to have a chance to come meet us and the dogs (mainly the dogs) in person!

We normally do meet-ups at Pet Expos, so we had no idea what to expect! Our audience (which we call our Pawdience), was so happy we came to Florida, and the ‘meet-and-greet’ was so much fun and a huge success! Not only did we meet our loyal Pawdience, but we were also able to hear the inspiring stories of people who purchased their own Jayco rigs because of our love for the brand and the company, and that really does mean a lot to us.

As brand ambassadors, one of the things we love doing is sharing our love for Jayco with the world!

The Tampa RV show is typically held at the Florida State Fairgrounds and lasts for several days. You can find every type of RV imaginable at the show, but you also find some of the best, most knowledgeable salespeople (not to mention some really great deals!).

Being able to get up close with the RVs, walk through them, sit on the furniture, open all the cabinets and storage bay doors, really helps you get a feel for the different types of RVs there are and what will work for you. But it’s not just the RVs that make the show so great, you also get to meet so many like-minded people!

If you are looking to buy a Jayco Rig, RV’s really can be a great place to start your search! The Tampa RV show is a must visit event for anyone interested in the RV Lifestyle!  The show is huge, and there are a lot of people! Make sure to plan ahead and reserve your campground EARLY as they sell out around that area very fast (we found that out the hard way).

The Tampa RV truly stands out to me as a testament to the boundless possibilities that come with the RV lifestyle and the warm and welcoming community that supports it. As the show came to a close, I felt a mix of excitement and gratitude, knowing that I had been part of something truly special.

There are many RV shows happening all over the country, and Jayco has representatives at many of them!

Get out there, go on adventures and make some memories!

Jess and Jamie Hatch – Snow Dogs Vlogs

The Snow Dogs Vlogs, Jess and Jamie share their lives with Siberian Huskies! Their current pack consists of Memphis and Kira. Memphis is an eight-year-old snuggle bug who loves to be around people and experience all the smells she can. This dog loves to be hugged and snuggled but is always ready to hit the road for an adventure! Kira is a two-year-old who is already growing into being the next Diva of the family. She has the puppy spunk and energy and is constantly getting into trouble and making everyone laugh. She has already figured out that when they start packing their Jay Feather Ultra Lite, it means adventure is coming! They live in beautiful Northern Michigan, and many of their travel adventures focus on their home state. Their Jayco travel trailer has opened up so many travel possibilities for them. They have used their travel trailer in all kinds of weather, including snow.


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