Understanding the RV Inspection Process

June 25, 2024

Understanding the RV Inspection Process

Shopping for a new recreational vehicle can be overwhelming with the vast array of
available manufacturers, models and floorplans. One easy way to narrow your search
and ensure you’re getting a quality RV is to check that the manufacturer has a 100%
dedicated pre-delivery inspection process, or PDI for short.

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

As part of the RV production process, manufacturers build in quality assurance
measures on the production line. These measures are important but only go so far in
ensuring the RV leaves the line in pristine condition. Adding an additional, dedicated
inspection step is critical to quality assurance.

With dedicated PDI, the RV leaves the production line and is moved to a separate
facility where a fresh group of technicians rechecks all the components and systems. If
any of them fail to perform to optimal levels, the issues are either fixed at the PDI facility
or sent back to the production line for correction. This 100% dedicated pre-delivery
inspection process assures that when an RV shows up on the dealer’s lot, it’s in the
best possible working order before you purchase it.

PDI is More Than a Process

At Jayco, we thoroughly inspect every RV in a separate facility from the manufacturing
plant that is 100% dedicated to checking our travel trailers and motorhomes, closely
examining and testing key areas and features. These tests go beyond the functionality
of our units to include cosmetic aspects, ensuring that every facet of our RVs meets the
high standards our customers have grown to love and expect.

To further support our pre-delivery inspection process, Jayco recently opened a
70,000-square-foot PDI facility in Middlebury, Indiana. With this addition, we now have
five dedicated PDI facilities, allowing us to inspect every Jayco RV before it reaches the
dealer’s lot.

We Live Up to a Higher Standard

Our 100% PDI initiative includes all manufacturing locations and encompasses
inspections of numerous aspects and components, followed by additional audits and
quality checks before leaving the final bay during production. Once at the PDI facility,
our travel trailers and motorhomes are checked for precise measurements, functional
electronics, accurate components and more.

Key Components of a Pre-Delivery Inspection

During the PDI process, our highly-trained RV inspectors check out everything,

  • Plumbing Systems to make sure you have running water and fully functioning plumbing throughout the RV.
  • HVAC Systems to ensure the air conditioner, furnace and other climate control features operate effectively.
  • Safety Devices such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.
  • Structural Integrity of the roof, walls and flooring to ensure a solid, durable foundation for your RV.
  • Operational Systems by conducting a thorough test drive to confirm the engine, brakes and other driving components are working as they should.

Jayco's Commitment to Quality

Our PDI initiative, which began in January 2019, showcases our dedication to customer
satisfaction, the Jayco-owner experience and product quality. By November 2022, we
achieved 100% PDI for all units, ensuring every RV undergoes rigorous inspection
before reaching the dealer.

This commitment to quality has earned Jayco numerous accolades, including the 2022
and 2023 Quality Circle Award from the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association
(RVDA). These awards honor manufacturers who receive high ratings on the Dealer
Satisfaction Index Survey, which measures dealers’ satisfaction with manufacturers’
reliability/ quality, sales, warranty and parts. In 2023, Jayco brands were recognized for
receiving a 4.25 or higher score out of a 5-point scale on the survey.

We’re proud of our 100% dedicated RV PDI and consider it an essential step in our RV
manufacturing process. When you choose Jayco, you’re choosing quality.

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