How to Spot Comfort in a New RV


For those new to RVing or camping, it can be tough to visualize how a particular RV feature or design translates to comfort on the road. On the other hand, as RVers build up their travel résumé, they come to understand what it is about their RV that provides a comforting sense of home.

Here you’ll get a good idea of how and why some different factors make for the unique combination of home and adventure that only an RV can provide.

Storage – Sure, more storage allows you to bring more gear and comforts of home—those perfectly broken in lawn chairs, the indestructible inner tube and your warmest blanket—but, it does more than that. Strategically located and efficiently designed storage areas like pantries, full-length drawers, coat hooks or space for shoes by the door help keep things both easily accessible and safely secured, so you can move around your unit with ease and quickly locate what you need when you need it—just like at home.

On-the-road performance – There’s a saying around here, “We care about getting there just as much as being there.” Towing a trailer or driving a motorhome doesn’t have to be a chore and premium running gear doesn’t have to be exclusive to cars and trucks. Jayco RVs have reliable frames and chassis, hitch assemblies, tires and suspension systems that make maneuvering easier and make long drives fly by. You can feel at home on the road in an RV too.

Ventilation – Powered roof vents and plenty of windows help keep your unit smelling fresh and quickly air out the space after a meal. Best of all, it brings the sensation of the great outdoors inside.

Small details – It’s the little things that make a house your home, or an RV your home away from home. That’s why, when designing floorplans, we look for the best opportunities to work in touches like cabinetry made of Cherry or Maple, an extra entry step, residential carpeting, detailed fascia and molding, leather furniture, and solid-surface countertops. Alone, touches like these may not sway you towards one RV or another, but together, they go a long way toward making your RV truly feel like your own.

Bunk capacity – The only thing better than tucking into your own bed is falling asleep to the sound of crickets with a gentle forest breeze rolling over you. It feels even better on a bunk that’s strong and sturdy, such as our 750-pound rated cab-over bunks in our motorhomes.

Bathrooms – Whether it’s the anticipation of the day’s big adventure or winding down after, waiting for your turn to wash your face, brush your teeth or take out your contacts can be the last thing you want to do. If you plan on traveling with groups of friends or family, factors like the number of mirrors, sinks and counter space can play an important part in a comfortable experience.

This certainly doesn’t cover everything that makes an RV comfortable, but hopefully you get the idea; features like these may not jump out at you the first time you walk through an RV, but, as you get more trips under your belt, you’ll realize they sure did make having fun and making memories a lot easier.

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