Stronghold Aluminum-Framed Vacuum Bond Lamination

September 16, 2019

Stronghold Aluminum-Framed Vacuum Bond Lamination

StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination is the superior construction process exclusive to Jayco’s recreation vehicles. EVERY sidewall, rear wall and slide room wall is bonded together for a minimum of 16 minutes under 144 tons of pressure to create the lightest yet strongest construction available in the RV industry; it's a part of the Jayco Difference. (Excluding Jay Flight products)

Why StrongholdVBL is better

  • Laminated fiberglass is combined with welded aluminum framing, metal backers, decorative interior wall panels and fiberglass exterior siding to create a durable structure designed to withstand heavy use and travel.
  • STRONGHOLD VBL is designed to increase strength and durability while simultaneously reducing weight.
  • Each sidewall, rear wall, slide wall and slide end wall has gone through the rigorous STRONGHOLD VBL™ process and testing.
  • VBL = Vacuum-Bonded Lamination.


During StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Construction, the walls are assembled and cured in a climate controlled facility where humidity and temperature are regulated year around to ensure consistency and perfect conditions for bonding to take place. We start the process with a 5-layered sidewall exclusive to Jayco’s laminated products.  The frame of the sidewall is created with aluminum tubing, providing a sidewall that is lightweight, yet strong. This advanced framing technique will never rot, warp, deteriorate, mold or mildew. The aluminum tubes are welded together, not screwed, to ensure structural integrity.

The sidewalls are then filled with high-density block foam to create walls with higher insulation properties as well as sound-deadening qualities. In order to provide a secure anchor-point for interior walls and cabinetry, a layer of electro-galvanized sheet metal (EGS) is strategically placed on the interior side of the aluminum and foam wall assembly. On top of the EGS, a layer of interior decorative plywood board is laminated to the aluminum and foam wall assembly, providing a residential look that is extremely resistant to damage and punctures.

The exterior layer of the sidewall is formed utilizing a one-piece, glossy composite fiberglass panel. This exterior fiberglass wall not only looks great, but is extremely durable and easy to clean. The final layer of the sidewall is a lauan plywood panel that is bonded between the fiberglass and the aluminum and foam wall assembly. This additional layer provides increased strength and a smooth exterior appearance.

Jayco has been utilizing a process known as pinch rolling, since 2010. Jayco pinch rolling technique and the use of hot melt urethane allows Jayco to consistently provide 100% glue coverage.

We know that by using the VBL system that we are getting the best bond. We know that because the fiberglass and lauan being pinched rolled gives us a nice solid flat sheet. We now apply the liquid urethane which will fill in cavities within the wall. By using a liquid urethane we are able to square up our frames before pulling them into the press where the 144 tons of pressure is applied. Others who pinch roll the complete wall don’t have the option of squaring up their frame once it’s laid onto the hot melt because of the tackiness of the glue. 144 tons of pressure for 16 minutes is what gives us the best bond out there.


Most Jayco recreation vehicles include one or more slide rooms, enhancing the livability and function of the RV. Since slide out construction is critical to the long-term performance and durability of your RV, Jayco's StrongholdVBL™ advanced construction process is utilized in the slide rooms too. To save money and time, many manufacturers choose to use non-laminated fiberglass walls in the slide room end walls and/or rear walls. Not at Jayco! Using the same advanced construction techniques found in the sidewalls, all three walls of the slide out are built using StrongholdVBL™ construction, offering lightweight yet strong construction that also provides extra insulation and sound-deadening properties all around.


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