How to Sell Your RV

April 30, 2021

How to Sell Your RV

You’ve had a good run with your RV, but maybe you’re looking to upgrade. Or you need a new floorplan. Or you’re just taking a hiatus from the road. Regardless of the reason, your options for selling your RV are wide open. But where to start? Let’s explore your options—and review some considerations to ensure you get top dollar.

How much is my RV worth?

Before considering your options to sell your RV, you’ll likely want to get a feel for how much your RV is worth. There isn’t a resource like Kelley Blue Book for RVs, but there are some resources that can help you get an idea of the value of your unit. One of those is the NADA RV Value website, which gives ranges for RV sale prices based on manufacturer, model, features and model year. As a general rule of thumb, suggests that your RV will likely lose about 20% of its value soon after you drive it off the lot (Sound familiar? Cars have similar depreciation trends). However, RV depreciation slows down after the first year, with experts estimating a loss of value between 28-35% for an RV that is 3-4 years old. Of course, these depreciation levels can vary greatly depending on the type of RV you have. Some brands and models hold their value much better than others. RV resale value can also be seasonal (especially depending on where you live)—with values at their highest before peak camping season in the spring and early summer.

What is the best way to sell my RV?

The good news is, there are more options than ever if you’re thinking about selling, trading in or trading up:

Sell your RV on consignment

Selling your RV on consignment may be an attractive option if you want to “set it and forget it.” With RV consignment, you give your RV to a dealer who will then market and sell it on your behalf. The dealer then takes a pre-negotiated commission based on the final sale price.

If you choose to go the consignment route, make sure you work closely with the dealer to put together an agreement that works well for both parties. How long does the dealer have to sell the unit before you can take it back or try to sell it another way (for instance, these consignment agreements typically prohibit the owner from marketing or trying to sell the unit themselves for 90 days)? What is the commission the dealer will take from the sale price? Are there additional consignment fees related to the dealer’s marketing costs, RV storage, etc.? Also keep in mind that with this option, you won’t be able to use the unit while you’re in the process of selling it, as you might if it were a private sale.

Trade your RV in

Trade-in is a great option if you’re eager to move on to your next RV quickly. This is also a great option for those looking to upgrade to a bigger, better or newer unit from that same dealership. You’ll offset the purchase price of a new unit without the hassles that can come with selling your RV. Keep in mind, however, that this convenience comes at a cost: you might not get as much money/value with this option compared to selling the RV yourself or selling on consignment. But for many, the ease and speed of the transaction is well worth it. If you decide on this option, click here to find a good dealership in your area.

Sell your RV yourself

Selling your RV yourself might net you the most money, but you’ll work harder in the process. First, you’ll need to get your unit in tip-top shape so it shows well to potential buyers. You’ll also have to market and manage all inquiries yourself, which takes time and money (advertising your unit).

The good news is, there are some great resources to help sellers list and advertise their units online for thousands of potential buyers to see. From RV-specific resale sites like to general resale sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you’ll have plenty of options. You can even put a “For Sale” sign on your RV while on a weekend getaway—and potentially catch a buyer right at the campsite.

No matter how you decide to sell or trade in your RV, keep resale value in mind when you purchase your next unit. When you make a smart investment in a respected, high-quality brand with sought-after floorplans and features, you’ll ensure top-resale value for

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