JayVoice works in conjunction with the existing JAYCOMMAND® system to control functions like A/Cs, lights, furnaces and more. The system is prompted by a wake word, "Jayco". Once the word is spoken, the voice receiver on the ceiling will light up to indicate that it is listening for a comand. Simply say "Jayco" and any of the predetermined commands like "Main A/C" and you can operate a variety of systems with just a few words. The voice receiver is mounted centrally within the RV to allow for utilization in not only the living area, but other rooms throughout the unit. 

The JAYCOMMAND® system puts RVers in full control of their unit. The system was custom-built by the Jayco product development teams along with various supplier partners, so that owners can monitor and control key RV operations from a phone or a tablet. Paired with the JayVoice system, RVers can voice command these functions to occur or still have the freedom of utilizing their phone or tablet while away from the coach. 

By saying aloud "Jayco" before the following list of commands, this system can turn on/off the following amenities

  • All Lights On/Off
  • Interior Lights On/Off
  • Exterior Lights On/Off
  • Bedroom Lights On/Off
  • Living Room Lights On/Off
  • Dinette Lights On/Off
  • Main A/C On/Off
  • Second A/C On/Off
  • Third A/C On/Off
  • Furnace On/Off
  • Movie Mode On
  • Night Mode On
  • Special Mode 1 On
  • Special Mode 2 On

JayVoice is standard on North Point, Pinnacle and Seismic Luxury Series.

This video is a step-by-step guide to show you how to operate your 'JayVoice' feature through your smart RV system, with the pro tablet.

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