RVing Pros Say NOW is the Time to Do It. Here’s Why.

August 14, 2020

As flying becomes a less desirable (and sometimes impossible) travel option, people of all walks of life are looking into the RV lifestyle. Hear from longtime RVers about why RVing is the way travel—now more than ever.

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Comparing the 6 Different Types of RVs, and the Case for Each

August 11, 2020

They all offer something a little different, and one is sure to suit travelers no matter wants and needs. So, think about where you’ll go, who you’ll go with and start visualizing which kind of RV will be the most fun for you.

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15 Statistics that Prove that 2020 is the “Year of the RV”

August 6, 2020

Read on for 15 jaw-dropping statistics that show just how much RVing is having a moment.

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46 Thought Starters and Tips for New RV Shoppers

August 4, 2020

Think about all those other travelers who were still figuring out their plans! In other words, if you’re exploring RV travel, you aren’t alone. So, where to begin?

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Staying in a Hotel Vs. RVing—Which Is Better?

July 31, 2020

Still, depending on the area to which you’re traveling, hotels or other accommodations might not be all that appealing either. That’s where RVing comes in. Let’s compare and contrast the two options:

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6 Great Outdoor Activities for Social Distancing

July 28, 2020

Our RV’s allow us to cook our own meals, sleep in our own bedrooms, and enjoy our own comfortable and private indoor and outdoor spaces. But who wants to spend an entire vacation at their campsite? Not us.

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Understanding RV Weights and Their Meanings

July 15, 2020

When shopping for an RV you might come across terms such as GVWR, UVW, GCCC and many more. Lucky for you, we’re here to clear the air and decipher these terms.

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7 Trip Planning Tips for the Age of Coronavirus

July 13, 2020

With so many other types of vacations cancelled because of Covid-19 many media outlets are calling this the “summer of RVing,” and for good reason. RV travel is safe because it is self-contained and makes social distancing easy, and it is an incredibly fun way to hit the open road and see the country.

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How to Choose Great Campgrounds for Your Family

June 29, 2020

Buying an RV is one of the most exciting purchases you can ever make. But where should you actually take it camping? There are so many amazing camping options in the United States and Canada that the possibilities for adventure can seem endless. But the abundance of choices can also be overwhelming. So where to begin? The best way to narrow down your options is to figure out your own personal camping style. 

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