Making Your Home-On-Wheel Yours

March 10, 2022

Making Your Home-On-Wheel Yours

When I first got my RV, I immediately wanted to customize it and make it my own. Ideally, this starts with hanging up framed pictures and small added touches to simplify life on the go. Now, I am going to help you learn through my mistakes. I looked online and resorted to using heavy-duty velcro when I started adding photos to my RV. This did work temporarily, but it ruined the walls when removing the frames to freshen up my initial design. I kept looking for something long-term that I would be able to redesign when desired and eventually found MixTiles.


MixTiles are high-quality square, pre-framed photos with easy mounting, delivered to you worry-free. These photos are high quality, but they look so vibrant and beautiful! The images are exactly what I needed to make my RV feel like a home. Initially, I started with an order of ten tiles and eventually made another order for five more—the adhesive they use to adhere to the walls stuck to the RV walls without a problem. Even better yet, they can be removed without any damage in the future! I am so happy to have discovered this company and will continue to get photos through them in the future.


Adding photos to my RV is my favorite easy personal touch that I have added to my rig thus far. However, I have also found particular objects that help with everyday life, such as a paper towel holder that is adhesive and can be virtually stuck anywhere and quickly removed damage-free. I applied mine to my fridge, and it even has a basket for added storage. This was a top personalization I added when I bought my 2019 Redhawk. Additionally, we all have objects on our kitchen counter that need to stay put. I need my cat's automatic feeder to remain stationary as I travel. I learned on my first trip that things like this need to be anchored down during transit. I have achieved this by using The Museum Putty. This stuff is substantial and works like a charm, keeping essential items in place, even while on the go!


The stovetop cover is another kitchen item that I have found incredibly useful throughout my travels. Adding these large thick covers allows for extra space when the stove isn't used. I opted for black covers to keep within a theme for my RV. A kitchen sink cover is also a must-have. However, I am still on the hunt for the perfect one. If you have any recommendations, make sure to send them my way. (Recommendations are always welcome). Although I have found two on amazon that fit my sink and will do the job needed, they only come in white, will not go with the overall theme of things and may even look a tad out of place. Overall, the sink cover allows for more counter space, and I can even put stuff in the sinks if needed for additional storage. Lastly, have fun! Make reasonable and personable additions to your rig to give it the lasting touch of home away from home.

Contributor Section

Sara Carson – Super Collies Mom/ The Super Collies

Sara is one of the top international trick dog trainers and has received several awards showcasing her achievements in the past years, earning dog trainer of the year in 2017 from Greater Mats. Her dogs have earned many agility titles and are savvy in dock diving, frisbee and canine freestyle. She and the Super Collies have appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and continue to captivate audiences worldwide. She has aptly earned her title as Celebrity Dog Trainer after placing 5th on season 12 of America's Got Talent.

She currently lives in a Jayco Class C motorhome and spends her days traveling and teaching dog trick workshops around the globe!

Jayco Ambassador: Jayco Redhawk

@thesupercolliesmom and @thesupercollies on Instagram

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