Memphis Tells a Story

October 5, 2022

Memphis Tells a Story

Memphis Tells a Story

Today, Memphis will tell you a few of her favorite things about traveling with our Jayco Travel Trailer. Take it away, Memphis.

Hello friends! It’s me, the snuggle bug Memphis. Mom said I get to tell you some of my favorite things about that big moving house on wheels. We have a fluffin’ good time in that thing. My first favorite thing is how when I wake up, I am in a new place! I get to experience all the smells, and oh, there are so many. Did you know that all the trees smell different? The lakes and rivers too. Speaking of lakes and rivers, when we take the big moving house on wheels, I get to taste new lakes, rivers and sometimes even waterfalls. They taste really good. 

Mom takes each of us pups on a walk in the morning, all by ourselves! I don’t have to share my walk with Kira, which is nice. It’s just me and Mom time. We walk around a place with lots of other big houses on wheels. Sometimes I even get to see other puppers walking around! I am always friendly and say hello to them. Mom always carries these colorful plastic bags, and when I have to do my business, she picks it up. She is so nice! I don’t get it, but she says it’s the responsible thing to do, so I just let her carry it around. When I get back to the house on wheels, she takes Kira for a walk, and I snuggle Dad for a bit. Just Dad and I.

After all that, we get to go out on this thing that Mom calls a picket line, and we have our breakfast. That’s right. I get to have breakfast outside, in all the fresh air. It’s super fun! Then, we load up and go for a ride. Usually, those rides take us to places where we get to walk for forever. Okay, maybe it’s not forever, but it feels like forever. Remember the smells I was telling you about? There are so many of them where we go. I could sniff the things for days. Sometimes Mom has to remind me to keep walking, but she doesn’t understand how good the sniffs are in these places.

I have sniffed so many things in my dog years of traveling and hiked so many miles. Without having that big house on wheels with us, we couldnt do any of it without having this big house on wheels.And after a long day of walking and sniffing, we get to go back to that big house on wheels and have dinner. Mom and Dad put us on that picket line, and we relax as the sun sets. Dad builds a thing he calls a fire. It glows, and it’s all nice and warm. I can’t get close to it because Mom says it’s hot, and I am a snow dog, so I don’t like hot stuff. Sometimes they make these white balls, called marshmallows or something, and if I am good, Mom gives me a little bite. They are super sticky!

After dinner and the fire, we get to go back inside the big house on wheels and go to bed. I usually sleep upside down, and belly up is the best position. I dream of the things we did all day and get my rest so we can do it all over again the next day. I love my big house on wheels!

Memphis, the snuggle bug, signing off!

Jess and Jamie Hatch – Snow Dogs Vlogs

The Snow Dogs Vlogs, Jess and Jamie share their lives with Siberian Huskies! Their current pack consists of Memphis and Kira. Memphis is an eight-year-old snuggle bug who loves to be around people and experience all the smells she can. This dog loves to be hugged and snuggled but is always ready to hit the road for an adventure! Kira is a two-year-old who is already growing into being the next Diva of the family. She has the puppy spunk and energy and is constantly getting into trouble and making everyone laugh. She has already figured out that when they start packing their Jay Feather Ultra Lite, it means adventure is coming! They live in beautiful Northern Michigan, and many of their travel adventures focus on their home state. Their Jayco travel trailer has opened up so many travel possibilities for them. They have used their travel trailer in all kinds of weather, including snow.


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