Conserve, conserve, conserve

Water conservation: Take “Navy” showers, turning the water off after an initial pre-wash rinse, and only turning it back on for the final rinse after washing up. Do the same when brushing teeth.

Pack more blankets: Turn down the thermostat in your RV and use thicker blankets. You’ll burn a lot less propane and still be snug. Also be sure to check out your camping store for the most thermal sleeping bag gear.

Shorten your distance: The beauty of going camping in your Jayco RV is that you can travel great distances and always feel at home. But next time you head out for a weekend trip do some research. Sometimes some of the greatest camping sites are just down the road from you. Look in your local area for spectacular places to camp. A closer destination is not only easier on the environment, but with rising gas prices, it is also better on your pocketbook.

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