Eagle Exterior

Eagle Exterior

12 FSO Interior

12 FSO Interior








Weight Definitions

The weights of certain options and/or option packages are not included in the UVW listed in the specification charts. The addition of options will decrease the CCC.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): Sometimes referred to as "Dry Weight." UVW means the typical weight of this trailer as built at the factory. The UVW, as used in product literature and other promotional materials, does not include cargo, fresh water, LP gas, options or dealer-installed accessories.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): GVWR means the maximum permissible weight of the trailer, including the UVW plus passengers, personal items, all cargo, fluids, options and dealer-installed accessories. The GVWR is equal to or greater than the sum of the UVW and the CCC.

Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): CCC means the maximum weight of all passengers, personal items, food fresh water, LP gas, tools, other cargo and dealer-installed accessories that can be carried by the trailer. CCC is equal to or less than the GVWR minus the UVW.

It is important for your safety and enjoyment that your tow vehicle be adequately sized and equipped to tow and handle the GVWR of the RV you select. Review weights and ratings of your tow vehicle and consult a competent advisor for questions or advice. Whether you are new to RVing or a veteran, get a feel for the performance of your tow vehicle and the RV together before heading out on the roadways. When you tow an RV, you must drive differently than you do when driving a single vehicle. Practice hooking up, driving, backing up and braking in a safe environment or seek out professional instruction.

See specification chart above, Jayco affixes a weight label to each new RV which lists weight information for that vehicle.


Standards & Options

Standard Interior Features

  • Fire extinguisher
  • LP leak detector
  • Wall-to-wall, color-coordinated vinyl flooring
  • Real wood drawers with nylon guides
  • Brass door pulls w/ roller catch
  • 4" - thick end-bunk cushions
  • Reversible, non-slide 4" dinette cushions w/ easy-clean vinyl backs View Feature
  • SoftShadeª window shades and valances View Feature
  • Tinted windows
  • 12V high-intensity lighting
  • Automatic cut-off switch for interior lights
  • 110V G.F.C.I. - protected interior receptacles
  • Mildew-resistant aluminum ceiling
  • Adjustable-tension end bows
  • Bed flaps
  • Hinged dinette seat bases

Standard Exterior Features

  • Crank-down stabilizer jacks (4) (8' & 10' models: 2 std., 2 opt) View Feature
  • High-flotation C-Range 13" Tires (All 12' models & 10 SG)
  • C-Range 12" tires (8', 10', 14' models)
  • Outside porch light w/ awning light adapter View Feature
  • Clearance lights
  • 30-ft, 30-amp power cord
  • 110V G.F.C.I. - protected exterior receptacle
  • Heavy-duty A-frame leveling jack
  • Welded steel bumper
  • Entrance door opens when roof is down
  • Wide-body construction
  • Front trunk storage (12 FSO, 12 UDST & 10 SG)
  • Light in front trunk
  • Prep for battery
  • Lifter post covers
  • Patented, fully enclosed lifter system
  • 20-lb gas bottle
  • True-domed aluminum roof
  • TruForm¨ scratch-resistant finish
  • E-coatª frame protection
  • Self-storing step (12', 14' models) View Feature
  • Boltaflex CTª water-repellent tent material View Feature
  • Undercoated, edge-sealed Structurwood¨ floor View Feature
  • Electric brakes (12', 14' models)
  • E-Z Lube¨ Axles View Feature
  • One-piece entrance door View Feature
  • Front & Rear ABS caps/radius skirting

Standard Galley Features

  • Stainless steel sink with faucet hold-down
  • Large-capacity, self-draining insulated ice box
  • White-enamel carryout stove (2 or 3 burner, depending on model) View Feature
  • Pre-plumbed for LP gas appliances
  • Carryout dinette table
  • 12V electrical system with 20-amp. 110V converter
  • City water hookup (12', 14' models; country water fill)
  • Fresh water tank below floor (12', 14' models)
  • 5-gal. fresh water tank (10 SG, 10 UD)

Optional Features

  • Spare Tire* View Feature
  • Vinyl spare tire cover View Feature
  • Outside portable gas barbecue grill w/carrying case
  • Hydraulic surge brakes
  • Electric brakes (10 UD, 10 SG)
  • Canopy / screen room / deluxe screen room
  • Deluxe canopy
  • Self-storing step (10UD, 10SG)
  • Prep for air conditioning*
  • 2-cu.-ft. 110V / 12V LP gas refrigerator View Feature
  • Vinyl gas bottle cover* View Feature
  • 16,000 BTU furnace with auto-ignition
  • End-bunk lights w/ fan (2)* View Feature
  • KidStufª bunk organizer View Feature
  • J-Flexª Sofa in lieu of dinette (12 UDST)
  • Silverware tray (select models)
  • J-Flexª Sofa in lieu of gaucho (12 UDST)
  • Extra dinette table w / pedestal leg (10UD, 12 UDST, 12SD)
  • SofStorª Overhead storage (1 or 2) View Feature
  • SofStorª Wardrobe storage View Feature
  • SofStorª Organizer View Feature
  • OutStorª Storage Package View Feature
  • Removable vinyl bunk skirt View Feature
  • End-bunk privacy curtains* View Feature
  • 14" X 14" roof vent* View Feature
  • 10-gal. fresh water tank (10 UD, 10 SG)
  • Front stabilizer jacks (8' & 10' models)
  • Bath/shower package (includes privacy curtain and
  • Deluxe plumbing package (includes water heater, demand pump and outside shower; n/a on 10 SG) View Feature
  • AM / FM cassette or CD stereo
  • Cassette toilet (12 FSO, 12 SD)
  • Portable gray water tank (N/A 10 UD, 12 UDST)
  • * These options are part of the Convenience Group for Eagle ª


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