A Modern Spin on

Old World Craftsmanship

At Jayco, we build our RVs to handle every adventure, which is why we can offer an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty. Our dedicated production team includes Amish craftsmen who build with well-honed woodworking skills passed down for generations. We make sure we take the extra steps to build high quality products that are durable and use the most advanced construction techniques.



Jayco builds on custom-sized frames, designed specifically for each floorplan. Other manufacturers use stock frames, stretching and welding the frame to fit.

Roof Construction
  • Vacuum-bonded layers: Backed by computer monitoring and constant quality control checks, Jayco prides itself on building a strong roof
  • 1/4" plywood decking on 5" arched stamped steel roof trusses: Protects against moisture and resists aging
  • Seamless rubber roof: Features one-piece construction, ensuring better leak protection
  • Bead-foam insulation (R-30): Maintains interior temperatures
Front Cap Construction
  • Double layer of front cap fiberglass insulation
  • Eurostyle front and rear caps: Protects unit’s most vulnerable areas; makes Eagle Premier more aerodynamic
Bedroom Floor Construction
  • Bedroom floor Flexfoil and fiberglass insulation
Wall Construction
  • Vacuum-bonded laminated layers: Involves 15-18 minutes of 144 tons of pressure to ensure a stronger bond
  • Smooth fiberglass exterior: Withstands use and travel—and Mother Nature, too
  • Welded aluminum frames with metal backers: Creates long-lasting durability
Floor Construction
  • 5/8" tongue-and-groove plywood deck on 2"x 3" wooden floor joists: More moisture resistant, plywood holds up to the elements
  • Reflective foil insulation: Keeps heat in and cold out with an impressive R-24 insulation value
  • Poly Flex covering and an enclosed, heated underbelly: Increases aerodynamics while protecting the undertanks, including Eagle Premier’s WaterWorks system, which holds 85-plus gallons of fresh water
Wheel Features
  • Dexter Nev-R-Adjust brakes: Adjusts continuously in forward motion, providing half the stopping distance compared to other brakes
  • MOR/ryde CRE 3000 suspension: Transfers road shock better and limits vibration with rubber springs


Extend your camping season with the Jayco Climate Shield — the ultimate in weather protection. Designed for efficient heating and cooling, Climate Shield protects against extreme heat and extreme freezing — even when temperatures hit a high of 100° F or a low of 0° F.*

Dometic Climate Control

Dometic Climate Control
Jayco took five of its toughest towables to Dometic, the nation's premier climate control facility, where independent technicians put the Jayco Climate Shield to the test against extreme temperatures.

Independent Heat Testing

Independent Heat Testing
Each unit was subjected to 100° F heat for an 8-hour period. During that time, sensors were placed throughout the coach to measure the unit’s average temperature. The result—the Jayco Climate Shield maintained a comfortable temperature of 71° F.

Independent Cold Testing

Independent Cold Testing
Each unit was then subjected to 0° F temperatures for an 8-hour period. Temperatures dropped so low the tires frosted over, yet inside the coach, plumbing remained fully functional. When the test was complete, the same temperature sensors found that the Jayco Climate Shield maintained a cozy temperature of 68° F.

Water Tank Testing

Water Tank Testing
Following cold testing, technicians emptied the holding tanks to check for any final freezing. Thanks to a fully enclosed underbelly with forced air and radiant heat, the Jayco Climate Shield held up to temperatures as low as 0° F (-17°C). 


Test Results

Test Results

Climate Shield Video

*Unit was tested in 0 degrees F and 100 degrees F weather over an extended period of time in a controlled environment and all functions of the coach were fully operational. Testing was done in a completely controlled environment, therefore temperatures during testing may not represent actual temperatures in nature and cannot account for elements such as wind or moisture. In actual use, unit may not perform as well. Supplier of cooling components does not guarantee anything better than 20 degrees difference from ambient temperature. In addition, outside components are subject to freezing and require steps to properly insulate. Jayco’s warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing.


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