A Modern Spin on

Old World Craftsmanship

At Jayco, we build our RVs to handle every adventure, which is why we can offer an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty. Our dedicated production team includes Amish craftsmen who build with well-honed woodworking skills passed down for generations. We make sure we take the extra steps to build high quality products that are durable and use the most advanced construction techniques.



Jayco builds on custom-sized frames, designed specifically for each floorplan. Other manufacturers use stock frames, stretching and welding the frame to fit.

Custom one-piece, laser-sheared, tight-fit frame
  • Optimizes weight distribution for a more durable foundation; extra heat shielding is added to the frame, and entry steps are secured to the frame instead of the floor.
Balanced driveshaft
  • Features a balanced driveshaft to reduce shudder.
Full-width trusses
  • Extend to the edge of the sidewalls to better support the weight of the wall; each truss design undergoes a pull test for added safety.
Roof Construction
  • Vacuum-bonded layers: Features laminated layers of 5" arched aluminum trusses, moisture-resistant 1/4" plywood decking, R-15 bead-foam insulation and hard-board ceiling 
Wall Construction
  • Vacuum bonded: Features laminated layers of fiberglass, lauan, aluminum framing, R-5 bead-foam insulation and vinyl paneling
  • Frameless windows (Customer Value Package): An industry-first feature, creates a stunning exterior
Front Cap
  • Seamless fiberglass front cap (Customer Value Package): Increases aerodynamics, while cap adds durability and leak protection where it’s needed most
Floor Construction
  • Vacuum bonded: Features laminated layers of Darco underbelly, 1/8" lauan, a welded aluminum frame, R-9 bead-foam insulation and 5/8" Structurwood
  • Welded aluminum frame: Lighter and more corrosion-resistant than competing steel floors, this frame provides more cargo capacity
  • Structurwood floors: Features wood strips that are compressed and bonded with wax and resin adhesives; these high-mechanical properties make Structurwood ideal for long-lasting durability
  • MOR/ryde frame: Extends chassis for optimal weight distribution and features one-piece, laser-shear construction for a tight-fit design
  • Hellwig helper springs with rubber body mounts: Work with existing springs to give the RV more support, improving sway control under heavy loads while dampening vibration throughout the unit


ride and handling. defined.

At Jayco, we believe the journey is just as important as the destination, which is why we've introduced an industry-first Ride and Handling package - the Jayco exclusive JRide. Packed with ride-enhancing upgrades, JRide is the most advanced ride on the market. Get ready for a drive that'll move you. JRide.Jayco.com.


Redhawk is equipped with Hellwig helper springs. These springs work with the chassis’ existing springs to give the RV more support, improving sway control under heavy loads. And when your gross vehicle weight rating changes, these Load Pro springs self regulate, making them easier to maintain than an airbag suspension system.


Redhawk is equipped with a total of 16 rubber isolation pucks, positioned near the tires to absorb road shock. These mounts, not available on competing products, create an interface between metal components, helping to dampen noise and minimize vibrations throughout your Jayco motorhome.


Every Jayco motorhome driveshaft is balanced. This extra step, overlooked by many competitors, ensures the driveshaft is properly tuned to reduce shudder and vibrations, while ensuring power is efficiently transmitted to the wheels.


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