Exceeding Industry Standards

June 25, 2024

Exceeding Industry Standards

While many RVs on today’s market may look the same, few are built to consistently
exceed industry standards. Our RVs are carefully engineered and rigorously tested with
this goal in mind, reflecting a legacy of excellence and an ongoing commitment to

Jayco has been recognized and awarded for leading the RV manufacturing industry for
over 50 years. We’re proud members of the RV Industry Association (RVIA), which sets
safety and construction standards for RV manufacturers. Our dedication to quality and
safety is reflected in every RV we build. For example, our travel trailers and
motorhomes feature superior construction techniques and high-quality materials that
surpass industry norms. We use stronger frames, better insulation and more durable
components to ensure consistent quality and safety.

Engineered for Excellence

Our commitment to engineering excellence is apparent in every RV we produce—from
lightweight travel trailers to top-of-the-line motor coaches. Our engineers use advanced
materials and innovative designs to create RVs that are not only durable but also safe,
efficient and comfortable.

Below are just a few of the unique features that lead the industry and set Jayco RVs

  • Stronghold VBL™ Laminated Walls - Jayco's exclusive Stronghold VBL™ wall
    construction process uses vacuum bonding to provide the most durable bind
    between the aluminum frame, fiberglass, metal backers, interior panels and
    fiberglass. This process was created to offer our owners heavy-duty walls,
    designed for frequent use and travel, without weighing down the RV.
  • One-piece, Seamless Front Caps - Jayco sets the bar high with a seamless,
    one-piece front cap to ensure owners can enjoy their investment for years to
    come. By providing this high-quality feature as a standard on our motorhomes,
    our customers can avoid damage from moisture and debris.
  • Towing Capabilities - When it comes to your home on wheels, towing capabilities are one of the best perks! However, this is not standard with mostmanufacturers. We allow our owners to tow confidently. Our motorhomes are engineered with a tongue capacity that is ten percent of the towing capacity, which is the optimal ratio. Because of our specific design, customers can tow more, without needing a weight-distribution hitch.
  • Incredible Bunk Ratings - Whether used for sleeping or storage, overhead bunk areas can be especially convenient for the additional space they offer. Our bunks are rated to hold 300 pounds more than the industry standard, giving our motorhomes a 750-pound bunk capacity.
  • Brake Lighting and Backup Camera - The exclusive JaySmart™ advanced
    LED lighting system provides enhanced safety for all of our motorhomes via a
    third brake light and a rear backup camera, making navigation more manageable
    and convenient.
  • 120" Windshield - Our Class A motorhomes offer the largest windshield on the
    market, providing an uninhibited view. This windshield's open-view capabilities
    are the same ones found in our top-of-the-line luxury diesel motorhomes, giving
    owners the best view in the industry.
  • JRide® Ride and Handling package - This exclusive package ensures a
    smooth, comfortable drive. Our package of premium shocks, a balanced drive
    shaft and more makes your on-the-road experience one of the best parts of
    owning an RV.

The recreational vehicle market can be difficult to navigate with so many products that
look alike. Make sure that the builder of your next RV goes above and beyond with the
engineering and construction of their products. Take a closer look at any Jayco model
and you’ll see the difference in our high quality standards, exclusive features and
attention to detail.

2024 Award-Winning Models
Yet again, the Jayco lineup is loaded with award-winning floorplans and models. There
are months of research, development and testing behind these, and all our
class-leading RVs. As always, each is backed by Jayco’s industry-leading warranty.

Our 2024 Award-Winning Lineup!

  • Luxury Fifth Wheel of the Year: Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK (RV News)
  • Entry-Level Travel Trailer of the Year: Jay Flight 235MBH (RV News)
  • Reader's Choice Award, Silver, Favorite Fifth Wheel: Jayco Fifth Wheels (RV Magazine)
  • Top Debut of 2024: Jayco Greyhawk XL 32U (RVBusiness)

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